Featured Research

Jens Beckert
How fictional expectations drive the dynamics of economic developments
Max Planck Society online | August 6, 2015

Jens Beckert, Matías Dewey, Nina Engwicht, Annette Hübschle
Transcript: Ralf Grötker
The Black Market as a Gray Zone
MaxPlanckResearch 1/2015

Mark Lutter
Careers for Women: Not Every Network Is a Guarantor of
Professional Success

Max Planck Society online | March 12, 2015

Wolfgang Streeck
Children, Work and Consumption: Why Demographics and
Political Economy Are Inseparable

Max Planck Society online | March 10, 2015

Christian Tribowski
Children are not for sale
Max Planck Society online | December 8, 2014

Philip Mader
Micro Loans: Failing by Installment
MaxPlanckResearch 4/2013

Tobias ten Brink
China: The Short March to Capitalism
MaxPlanckResearch 4/2011




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