2018-07-19Director emeritus Fritz W. Scharpf

Daniel Elazar Distinguished Federalism Scholar Award for Fritz W. Scharpf

Fritz W. Scharpf has been awarded the Daniel Elazar Distinguished Federalism Scholar Award for his pioneering research on the on the joint-decision trap and on multilevel governance in the European Union. The award honors outstanding scientific work in the fields of federalism and intergovernmental relations. It is awarded annually by the Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations section of the American Political Science Association (APSA). Scharpf, Emeritus Director at the MPIfG since 2003, has been observing developments in the effectiveness and legitimacy of European multi-level policy making since the mid-1980s. The award ceremony will take place in Boston on August 31, 2018.


2018-07-19Dr. Sebastian Kohl

Sebastian Kohl receives Bengt Turner Award

In June 2018, Sebastian Kohl received second prize in the Bengt Turner Award for his paper „More Mortgages, Less Housing? On the Paradoxical Effects of Housing Financialization on Housing Supply and Residential Capital Formation“ presented at the European Network of Housing Research Conference. Up to 2014, Kohl was a doctoral student at the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS-SPCE) later working as a postdoctoral researcher at the MPIfG. Following two years at the Department of Sociology and the Institute for Housing and Urban Research at Uppsala University in Sweden, Kohl is now a researcher at the MPIfG.


2018-07-19DFG Netzwerk workshop June 2018

Analytical field research: DFG Netzwerk workshop on the political sociology of transnational fields

Participation in political processes and other social fields is changing through the involvement of interested actors within and beyond a nation state. This creates new cross-border orders and fields of governance. How can such transnational socialization processes and the associated new forms of governance be understood and explained from a political sociology perspective? The Netzwerk held its third workshop on the political sociology of transnational fields at the MPIfG from June 20–22, 2018, focusing on the analysis of transnationalism from a field perspective. The scientific network, funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG), brings together 18 young sociologists from all over Germany. In addition to the network members, Didier Bigo from King's College London and Sciences Po Paris, Larissa Buchholz from Northwestern University, Karim Fertikh from SAGE Université de Strasbourg, Didier Georgakakis from Université Paris I - Panthéon-Sorbonne and Richard Münch from Bamberg University presented their research on transnationalization processes.


2018-07-12Daniel Meyer

Daniel Meyer Doctoral candidate representative and member of the Doctoral Degrees Board at Cologne’s WiSo Faculty

Daniel Meyer has been a Doctoral candidate representative at the University of Cologne’s WiSo Faculty since May 2018. As one of two representatives at the faculty, Meyer is a first point of contact for doctoral students and a spokesperson on their needs and interests. In his new function, he acts as a link between doctoral students, the Albertus Magnus Graduate Center, the faculty heads and the University of Cologne’s management. Meyer has also been elected to a 1-year term on the WiSo Faculty‘s Doctoral  
Degrees Board. The Doctoral Degrees Board is responsible for implementing doctoral procedures at the faculty. Since 2016, Daniel Meyer has been a doctoral student at the International Max Planck Research School on the Social and Political Constitution of the Economy (IMPRS-SPCE), jointly run by the MPIfG and the University of Cologne.


2018-07-12Lucio Baccaro speaks at the conference

Growth Models and Macroeconomic Policy: International conference at the MPIfG

From May 23-25, 2018, an international conference at the MPIfG devoted itself to the role of growth models and dimensions of macroeconomic policy making. Various aspects of the topic were examined in five panel discussions: What is the political basis of growth models? What are key sectors and growth drivers? What role do financial markets play in macroeconomic policy-making and national growth strategies? And to what extent can bridges be built between comparative and international political economy? The concluding discussion addressed how the growth model agenda can be further developed with a view to theoretical diversity. Twenty-four representatives from the field of political economy took part in the conference organized by Lucio Baccaro and Alexander Spielau, and included scientists from Harvard University, Sciences Po Paris, the University of Geneva, Brown University and the London School of Economics and Political Science. conference website
project are "Political Economy of Growth Models"




MPIfG Public Lectures during the summer semester 2018

During the 2018 summer semester, public lectures by internationally renowned visiting researchers will be taking place at the MPIfG. Patrick Aspers: on May 30, the professor from the University of Uppsala discusses how uncertainty, a core issue in socio-economic research, can be reduced. Jörn Leonhard: on July 5, the Professor of Western European History at the University of Freiburg discusses issues of openness at moments of history using the backdrop of post-WW1 realignment. Linsey McGoey: on July 19, the professor from the University of Essex will speak about philanthrocapitalism and economic inequality asking why the study of philanthropy has not been a topic of sociological research. Registration under info@mpifg.de. more



2018-05-24Gianluca Scarano

Visiting researchers at the MPIfG up to June 2018

In the first six months of 2018, the MPIfG has welcomed six new visiting researchers. Inna Bell from the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, and Gianluca Scarano from the University of Milan are visiting doctoral students at the MPIfG from April to June. During her stay in Cologne, Bell is working on her dissertation on civil society organizations during regime change in the Czech Republic. Scarano is researching public and private strategies in labor market policy. During the same period, Patrick Schenk from the University of Zürich is also a guest at the MPIfG. He is researching uncertainty as an issue in economic sociology using the wine market as an example. Stefan Heeb from the University of Geneva is visiting the Institute from February through to May. His research topic concerns Japan's liberalization trajectory. This year’s Scholar in Residence at the MPIfG is Akos Rona-Tas who will be a guest in Cologne from April to July. He is investigating the predictability of future events and the application of forecasts as strategic instruments. Ravi Tripathi from the Sorbonne University in Paris is a guest at the MPIfG from May to June. He is examining the labor market during the crisis, focusing on the "German model." more




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