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Recent Publications

Mendelski, Martin
De-Politicization by Europeanization: The Emergence of the Fragmented State in South Eastern Europe. In: Bogdan Iancu, Elena-Simina Tănăsescu (ed.), Governance and Constitutionalism: Law, Politics and Institutional Neutrality. Studies in the Sociology of Law. London: Routledge, 2019.
Breyer, Friedrich, Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut, Matthias Wrede, Harald Simons, Lars Vandrei, Theresia Theurl, Ralph Henger, Konstantin Kholodilin, Sebastian Kohl
Scheitern der sozialen Wohnungspolitik: Wie bezahlbaren Wohnraum schaffen? In: ifo Schnelldienst 71(21), 2018, 3–30.
Ferguson-Cradler, Gregory
Fisheries’ Collapse and the Making of a Global Event, 1950s–1970s. In: Journal of Global History 13(3), 2018, 399–424.
Kholodilin, Konstantin A., Sebastian Kohl, Yulia Prozorova, Julien Licheron
Social Policy or Crowding-Out? Tenant Protection in Comparative Long-Run Perspective. Basic Research Program Working Papers: Economics 202/EC/2018. Moscow: National Research University, Higher School of Economics, 2018.
Streeck, Wolfgang
From Speciation to Specialization: “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection”, Charles Darwin. In: Social Research 85(3), 2018, 661–685.
Kılıç, Azer
2000’li Yıllarda Diyarbakır’da İş Dünyası ve Siyaset. In: Osman Savaşkan, Mehmet Ertan (ed.), Türkiye’nin Büyük Dönüşümü: Ayşe Buğra’ya Armağan. Araştırma-İnceleme. Istanbul: İletişim, 2018, 125–148.
Míguez, Daniel, Matías Dewey
The Conditions of Socioeconomic Development: Exploring the Legitimacy of Social Norms, Trust, and Corruption in Chile and Argentina. MPIfG Discussion Paper 18/9. Köln: Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung, 2018.
Elsässer, Lea
Wessen Stimme zählt? Soziale und politische Ungleichheit in Deutschland. MPI for the Study of Societies, Max Planck Society, Schriften aus dem Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung, Volume 91. Frankfurt a. M.: Campus, 2018.






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