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Colin Crouch, Patrick Le Galès, Carlo Trigilia,
and Helmut Voelzkow (eds.)
Changing Governance of Local Economies:
Responses of European Local Production Systems


Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004
360 pp. | ISBN 978-0-19-925940-3 | £ 67.50

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Do specialized local clusters of small and medium-sized firms have a future in the global economy? The authors address this question with case studies of cities in France, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. They look at the machinery industries, former steel-producing cities trying to develop clusters in new activities, and high-tech sectors. They find evidence of considerable vitality, often contradicting national stereotypes of how economies are organized.
Readership: Academics working in business and management studies, local economic development, local politics, social, economic, and regional geography, and economic sociology; practitioners and policy-makers in local development.



1 Introduction
Colin Crouch and Helmut Voelzkow
Part I
Established Local Production Systems: The Machinery Industries
2 Introduction: The European Machinery Industry Under Pressure
Colin Crouch
3 Collective Goods in the Local Economy: The Packaging Machinery Cluster in Bologna
Henry Farrell and Ann-Louise Lauridsen
4 Refining National Policy: The Machine Tool Industry in the
Local Economy of Stuttgart
Ulrich Glassmann
5 Machine Tooling in the United Kingdom
Colin Crouch and Joe O'Mahoney
6 Machine Tools in France: A Century of Failure to Build
a Competitive Industry
Patrick Le Galès and Nicolas Gaubert
7 Conclusions: Hybrid Governance and Networked Firms
Colin Crouch
Part II
Trying to Establish Local Production Systems: The Ex-Steel Cities
8 Introduction: The Reconstruction of Declining Local Economies
in Europe
Helmut Voelzkow
9 Duisburg: A New Local Production System Substitutes
an Old Steel Plant
Ulrich Glassmann and Helmut Voelzkow
10 Life after Industrial Decline in St. Etienne: Robust SMEs, Deterritorialization, and the Making of a Local Mode of Governance
Patrick Le Galès and Oliver Tirmarche
11 Regeneration in Sheffield: From Council Dominance to Partnership
Colin Crouch and Martin Scott Hill
12 Industrial Decline and Local Development Policies in the Steel Area of Piombino
Annalisa Tonarelli
13 Conclusion: After Steel: Some Minor Emergence of Local Production Systems Based on SMEs
Patrick Le Galès
Part III
New Local Production Systems: High-Tech Sectors
14 Introduction: High-Tech Districts
Carlo Trigilia
15 The Biopharmaceutical Cluster in Oxford
Neil Proudfoot
16 Recombining Governance Modes: The Media Sector in Cologne
Arne Baumann and Helmut Voelzkow
17 Between Cities and Districts: Local Software Systems in Italy
Andrea Biagiotti and Luigi Burroni
18 Grenoble Valley
Valeria Aniello
19 Conclusions: The Distinctive Needs of High-Tech Districts
Carlo Trigilia
20 Conclusions
Patrick Le Galès and Carlo Trigilia




Colin Crouch, Chairman of the Department of Political and Social Sciences and Professor of Sociology, European University Institute, Florence.
Patrick Le Galès, Senior Researcher at CEVIFOP-CNRS, Paris.
Carlo Trigilia, Professor of Economic Sociology at the University of Florence.
Carlo Trigilia, Professor of Economic Sociology, University of Florence.
Helmut Voelzkow, Professor of Social Sciences at the University of Osnabrück.

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