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Recent Publications

Höpner, Martin, Martin Seeliger
Transnationale Lohnkoordination zur Stabilisierung des Euro? Gab es nicht, gibt es nicht, wird es nicht geben. In: Kölner Zeitschrift für Soziologie und Sozialpsychologie, published online August 27, 2018.
Streeck, Wolfgang
Between Charity and Justice: Remarks on the Social Construction of Immigration Policy in Rich Democracies. In: Culture, Practice & Europeanization 3(2), 2018, 3–22.
Roex, Karlijn L.A.
Inkomensongelijkheid en de stijging in “verward gedrag.” In: Mens en maatschappij 93(2), 2018, 139–162.
Seeliger, Martin, Ines Wagner
A Socialization Paradox: Trade Union Policy Cooperation in the Case of the Enforcement Directive of the Posting of Workers Directive. In: Socio-Economic Review, published online August 28, 2018.
Kopper, Moisés
Infraestruturas porosas: Vivendo através do consumo no programa Minha Casa Minha Vida. In: Política & Trabalho, 48, 2018, 57–74.
Crouch, Colin
Der Kampf um die Globalisierung. Passagen Heft, Volume 16. Wien: Passagen Verlag, 2018.
Pulignano, Valeria, Domenico Carrieri, Lucio Baccaro
Industrial Relations in Italy in the Twenty-First Century. In: Employee Relations 40(4), 2018, 654–673.
Baccaro, Lucio, Chiara Benassi, Guglielmo Meardi
Theoretical and Empirical Links between Trade Unions and Democracy. In: Economic and Industrial Democracy, published online August 24, 2018.






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