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Recent Publications

Kopper, Moisés, Arlei Sander Damo
A emergência e evanescência da nova classe média brasileira. In: Horizontes Antropológicos 24(50), 2018, 335–376.
Mayntz, Renate
Sovereign Nations and the Governance of International Finance. In: Jocelyn Pixley, Helena Flam (eds.), Critical Junctures in Mobile Capital. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018, 38–51.
Kılıç, Azer, İpek Göçmen
Fate, Morals and Rational Calculations: Freezing Eggs for Non-Medical Reasons in Turkey. In: Social Science & Medicine, published online March 7, 2018.
Kinderman, Daniel, Mark Lutter
Explaining the Growth of CSR within OECD Countries: The Role of Institutional Legitimacy in Resolving the Institutional Mirror vs. Substitute Debate. MPIfG Discussion Paper 18/2. Köln: Max-Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung, 2018.
Blackwell, Timothy, Sebastian Kohl
Urban Heritages: How History and Housing Finance Matter to Housing Form and Homeownership Rates. In: Urban Studies, published online March 6, 2018.
Haffert, Lukas
Permanent Budget Surpluses as a Fiscal Regime. In: Socio-Economic Review, published online November 3, 2017.
Braun, Benjamin, Daniela Gabor, Marina Hübner
Governing through Financial Markets: Towards a Critical Political Economy of Capital Markets Union. In: Competition & Change, published online February 23, 2018.
Korom, Philipp
Inherited Advantage: Comparing Households that Receive Gifts and Bequests with Non-Receiving Households across the Distribution of Household Wealth in 11 European Countries. In: European Sociological Review 34(1), 2018, 79–91.






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