An ego-centered Network of a "Junior Scientist"

The figure, gives an impression of the structural meaning of collaboration in science. The collaboration activities of "Ego" are shown as well as those of his alters in the second and third order zones of his ego-centered network. Circles symbolize scientists, ties symbolize one or more collaboration contacts. The larger a circle, the larger is the network-activity of a scientist.

Data are from an ongoing study dealing with the long-term effects of collaboration in scientific networks. Population are one thousand "Junior Scientists" and their collaborators (N total=2.400) in the field of German Sociology. The time-span under investigation is 1978 to 1984.

contact: Juergen Guedler
         Soc.Science Information Center
         53133 Bonn
         Lenneestr. 30
         Tel.: +49 (0)228-2281-155
         e-mail: guedler@iz-bonn.gesis.d400.de 

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