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The Growth of a Petition Movement during the 1848/49 
in a South-West 



A Study of the mobilization process 

The Growth of a Petition Movement in a Structure of city linked Events

A visualization of a petition movement in a German town during the German Revolution of 1848/1849. The images below show 1200 individuals as small spheres . Each individual is placed according to his pattern of participation in one or more of  over  60 events (institutional, cultural and local activities). The events are shown as gray spheres, their size stands for the number of participants. 

This very large network has been reconstructed in the research project of Prof.Carola Lipp, Institute of European Ethnology, at the university of Goettingen, Germany, by cross linking a huge database of more than 200 historical documents. 

The degree of exposure to activists (the number of activists in all events each single individual participates in) is color coded in the images below. Exposure is known from the literature to predict, when people become active themselves 

Time 1 
Most of the active people (red, orange)  are connected to the center of the city. 

The degree of exposure to activists is modest compared to the later time periods. Almost all individuals in the periphery have very few contacts with activists

Time 2 
Exposure in the center has grown and spread.  Many clusters in the semi periphery are now exposed at moderate (light blue) 
to medium levels (green and yellow). In the periphery on the left, we find a separate green 
cluster of activists which is only weak connected to the center
Time 3 
While the peripheral group from time 2 has ceased to be active 
the exposure to activists 
has grown to even higher levels 
in the center, as is true for many of the clusters in the semi- 
All three images together as an animated gif help to  give a deeper understanding  how the movement diffuses in the structure : 

A more detailed analysis , a coauthored paper with Michael Schnegg  contains additional  images:  Exposure, Networks  
and Mobilisation is especially interested  to analyze  which parts of the mobilization occur through the structure of city linked events and who is mobilized from the outside of the structure.

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