Germany INC 1996

Germany is known for its close knit pattern of capital ties among its largest companies. What does this pattern look like ?  The image below allows to identify how banks and insurers (yellow) and industrial companies (red)  form coherent clusters in this structure. At the core  we find the largests banks and insurers with cross-linked  capital shares.

Cpaital ties among the largest 100 German Companies in 1996

Germany INC 1996: capital ties among the largest 100 German companies in 1996.
 Sizes represent the net value added held in a specific company. The size of the nodes corresponds to the amount of money by which a company is "networked".

The history of  this national configuration and recent  changes  of this capital network  are studied in a  coauthored paper with Martin Hoeppner, where we also compare  this graph  to that of the year 2000.  "The Politics of the German Company Network"  is published as  MPIfG Working Paper 03/9, September 2003.

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