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RSS (Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary) feeds are a way to get news and events delivered straight to your desktop. The MPIfG offers the following RSS feeds from the News section of our website for use with news readers/aggregators. Our RSS feeds are available in RSS 2.0.

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Read RSS feeds using a web browser

Anyone using the Mozilla Firefox web browser has support for feeds built-in, and Microsoft Windows users have support for feeds in Internet Explorer 7. Apple Macintosh users can also use the built-in support for feeds in the Safari web browser.
If you visit a site that has RSS content, you will notice a small button (usually an orange color) with the acronym XML or RSS on it. Like this: . Just klick the button to read or subscribe to the feeds.

Read RSS feeds using a RSS reader

RSS reader are standalone applications that process RSS feeds for you. But what aggregator to use? Here are some choices. You can find other readers by searching the Web for such terms as "RSS" and "reader."

On the web

If you don't want to install a program and your web browser doesn't support RSS, you can choose online news services like Blogline or Google Reader.

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