Network Visualization

  •  "The Language of Networks"  is an exhibition at the "Ars Electronica" festival in Linz Austria (September 2-7, 2004 )

The Network gallery documents work in progress in our efforts to visualize social structures. The aim is to develop experience how automatic procedures can be combined with aesthetics to ease insight into usually complex phenomena.

There are two tracks which visitors to our gallery can follow. As the visualizations stem from varying subject domains you may choose to follow the -> subject track, which organizes the presentation around the thematic aspects of the datasests.

If your interest is more formal, you may wish to enter the -> technical laboratory. Here we demonstrate methodological approaches for handling empirical data. This will often move quickly through various substantive domains where similar technical problems arise.

There is also a html version of an article Simple Representations of Complex Networks [pdf-version] which describes some of the underlying techniques and contains a discussion of modeling problems. It is shown that the underlying principles can be extended from simple examples to the visualization of complex systems of social structures. 

More articles and a chronological listing of additions is  available from my What's New page.

Here is my son's Mischa's Kids' Network Page 

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